Mentorship Programme FAQs

What is GLODERM?
GLODERM is a professional organisation established to build connections between dermatologists, trainees, and health professionals around the world. Our mission is to connect dermatologists and trainees whose primary interests are focused on the advancement of skin health in resource-limited communities, locally and globally, through sustainable and integrated approaches to clinical care, education, research, policy and advocacy.

GLODERM brings together a unique community of dermatology professionals with a focus on Global Health Dermatology. It is GLODERM’s aim to connect like-minded individuals at all career stages who are passionate about the advancement of skin health in resource-limited communities, both locally and globally.

This program is to develop changemakers in dermatology. It is leadership traning from dermatologists who are creating training programs and access to care programs in under-resourced environments. It is not a clinical training program. Applications should be from LMIC countries, or can exceptionally be from high income countries but specifically working with underserved populations withint that country (for example, indigenous or native people)

What is the GLODERM Mentorship Programme?
The Mentorship Programme is designed to link applicants (trainees or dermatologist career switchers now wishing to focus on global health) who either live or work in resource-limited settings with experienced global health dermatology expert Mentors, for a year-long Mentee-Mentor relationship. It is hoped (COVID dependent) that the experience will also involve a face-to-face placement in a location of the Mentor and Mentee’s choice. The Programme will provide Mentees with opportunities to develop their skills within global health dermatology, including how to write a research paper, communication skills, how to write a peer review, setting up global health programmes and initiatives, and learning how to build a career incorporating global and/or community health.

Mentees are selected through a competitive application process. It is anticipated that 10 mentees will be selected in the program.

What is a Mentee?
A Mentee is someone who identifies a particular personal or professional goal, which they believe can be achieved through the guidance and help of a Mentor – in this case, specifically a mentor in global health dermatology. The skills being offered are not clinical training, but rather development in leadership and program development for resource-limited settings.
How do I choose a Mentor?
You can go to the Mentor page on this website and read about the GLODERM Mentors. There, you can identify the Mentor who best fits your career trajectory. You will be asked to include up to three Mentors in the Mentee application form. If you are selected for the programme (through our competitive process), we will then match you with the best available Mentor for your area of interest.
What can I expect from my Mentor?
There will be a range of commitments you can expect from your Mentor. You can expect to meet with your Mentor for monthly personal development sessions. Your Mentor will offer you professional advice, as well as insights into global health dermatology. We very much hope however that the relationship will be a mutually beneficial one! As much as you learn from your Mentor, they will also learn from you!
Do I have the option of having more than one Mentor?
Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will have more than one Mentor. The Mentor that you are paired with is likely to be the only Mentor you will have on this programme.
How will I meet with my Mentor?
As Mentors and Mentees are unlikely to be living in the same geographical location, most Mentor-Mentee interactions are likely to take place via virtual meetings. Mentees can expect to have 12 monthly virtual meetings with their Mentor over the course of the year. In accordance with COVID-related travel restrictions, towards the end of the Mentorship year, we hope that all Mentees will have the opportunity to spend a 2-week in-person with their Mentor at a location agreed during the year.
What will I get out of the Mentorship Programme?
If you are selected for the programme, over the 12-month period, Mentees will have the opportunity to attend monthly virtual personal development meetings with their Mentor. They will also follow a webinar curriculum with other Mentees from the same cohort, to develop and enhance their leadership and professional skills (click here for more details on the Mentorship Curriculum). There will also be the chance for a 2-weeks in-person placement where the Mentee will join their Mentor for an in-person skills development placement. GLODERM will cover the costs of the 2-weeks in person experience, through a generous gift from CeraVe.​

The Programme will ensure a series of networking opportunities, including where possible the attendance of an international dermatology conference, also covered as part of your participation in the program. Finally, by joining the GLODERM Mentorship Programme, Mentees will have the chance to become a part of a fantastic lifelong global health dermatology community!

What will be expected of me?
As a Mentee, if selected for the program, we will request that you set your own personal objectives at the beginning of the Mentee-Mentor year and review your progress throughout the year. You will complete mid-year and end of year feedback to help us chart your learning and development on the Programme. In addition, we would very much like to conduct an interview or case study at the end of the year to have a record of your experiences. Finally, we will request that, as part of your acceptance onto the programme, you will provide authorisation from your institution or place of work stating that you will be released from your duties for the 2-week-long placement.
Where can I find out more about becoming a Mentee?
If you are interested in joining the GLODERM Mentorship programme, please apply at the link above. This is a competitive application process. You can contact the GLODERM team with any questions you may have on
What's needed to complete the application form?
You can’t save and return to the application form at a later time. We recommend that you preview the application essay questions here, and prepare your answers before completing the application form. When submitting the application, mentee applicants must attach a written letter of consent from their home institution/supervisor to take time away from training to complete the 2-week in-person placement.
When will the Mentorship Programme begin?
Applications are now open the deadline to submit an application is 28 February 2023. It is expected that the Mentee-Mentor year will begin in July 2023. We hope that all mentees will be able to attend the World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore, from 3-8 July 2023.
Is mentoring offered in different languages?
The programme will be run in English but if the Mentor and Mentee find a language in common, they are very welcome to use it!
Will Mentees receive a stipend for the Mentorship Programme?
No, however Mentees will receive financial assistance for the in-person placement (travel and accommodation).
Who will arrange the in-person placement?
Both Mentor and Mentee will agree on the location together. It is anticipated, however, that the Mentee will make their own travel arrangements, and will be reimbursed for their expenses.
If my application is unsuccessful, can I apply again?
Yes, of course!