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The Programme aims to strengthen Mentorship in global health dermatology and increase access to educational opportunities in resource-limited settings worldwide by:

  • Delivering a unique one-on-one mentorship programme between global health dermatology faculty mentors and mentees either living or working in low-resource settings, interested in developing expertise in global health dermatology.
  • Delivering free, high quality dermatology training content for trainees worldwide that will offer opportunities for personal development and build knowledge and expertise in global health dermatology.

The Mentorship Programme is a year long one-on-one Mentoring Programme that connects mentee applicants from low-resource settings with global health dermatology experts from around the world.

The Mentorship Programme 2024-2025 is now open for applications, please find the form by clicking button above or clicking here. The deadline for application is 20 March 2024.

Further Information

As a Mentee, you will have opportunities to develop your skills in Global Health Dermatology, including leadership training, setting up global health programs and initiatives, pitching your ideas to funders and/or grant writing, writing papers, and building a career that incorporates global and/or community health. Mentees will have the chance to attend monthly virtual personal development meetings with their Mentor over the course of the 12-month programme. They’ll also participate in a webinar programme with other Mentees in the same cohort to improve and grow their leadership and professional abilities.

We hope that there will also be the opportunity for a two-week placement where the Mentee will join their Mentor for an in-person skills development experience. Mentors and Mentees will have the opportunity to attend an international dermatology conference where possible as a part of the programme. When submitting the application, mentee applicants must attach a written letter of consent from their home institution/supervisor to take time away from training to complete the two-week face-to-face visit.​

The most important thing is that Mentees will be a part of a wonderful lifelong global health dermatology community. We hope that you will be interested in applying to join this fantastic Mentorship Programme!

For more information on the programme, please visit our FAQ page. The deadline for application is 20 March 2024.